Redundancy and Continuity for Critical Industrial Systems

Fortress provides seamless, scalable, and cost-efficient operational continuity and redundancy for control and automation systems, reducing downtime and drastically improving efficiency, safety, and production.

Immediate operational continuity

Fortress enables near-instantaneous operational continuity via Failover, a logically-isolated environment running pre-configured mission critical applications. Failover enables the resumption of operations within seconds or minutes and operates with extremely low latency.

Enclave-based design

To guarantee integrity and security, the entire Fortress platform is built atop Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs)—physically-isolated computing environments with zero third party access. Each client has two dedicated TEEs (or “enclaves”), one for Failover and one for Backup and Recovery.

Flexible deployment possibilities

The Fortress enclaves can be cloud-based or co-located depending on client preferences. Fortress can be deployed without any additional on-site infrastructure requirements, such that all infrastructure management is handled by Fortress, while preserving exclusive client control of the enclaves.

Core features at a glance

Single pane of glass

The Fortress platform can be managed from any machine that has the client agent installed. Unlike other providers, which require operators to make configuration changes via remote access into a central server, Fortress ties configuration permissions to credentials, making configuration settings modifiable from any machine with the client agent installed.

Easy to configure

Although many OT/ICS solutions take weeks or even months of system integration time, deploying the Fortress platform requires less than a day of initial set up for both Failover and Backup/Recovery. After initial setup, each additional machine or application takes less than five minutes to configure, making the Fortress platform highly scalable even for complex industrial environments.


The Fortress platform allows for several separate users from an organization to manage the Fortress platform, keeping the data of individual users secure and siloed while enabling one administrator to view and control user activities and modify permissions from a global account.

Logical and physical isolation

All components of the Fortress platform are kept on specialized infrastructure that is logically and physically separated from the client’s primary network. Whereas traditional Disaster Recovery systems are vulnerable to cyber corruption or disabling of operations, Fortress’s enclave-based architecture ensures that all platform operations are secure not just from attackers but also from any other third party.


Fortress Failover provides immediate continuity for critical software (DCS, SCADA, and beyond). Fortress Failover serves as a logically-isolated, "pristine" environment for remotely running industrial systems in the immediate aftermath of a disruption, while a recovery is underway.

Extremely low latency

The Fortress Failover system’s communications are based on a low-overhead packet routing system that adds at most microseconds to latency and packet transfer times.  Industrial control systems need to run in near-real time to be useful, and Fortress has built a failover system that supports that.

Familiar user interface

Interacting with the Fortress Failover system involves using the same types of remote access tools that process control engineers already universally use. No skilling up or additional training is necessary.

Broad vendor compatibility

Fortress Failover is compatible with a range of industrial control system vendors and products, as well as several of the most common Windows applications. If there is a vendor that you work with and would like to know if it is currently supported by Fortress, please reach out.

Near-instant Initialization

Fortress Failover can be configured to take over from a client’s primary systems within seconds of the primary system’s failing. Say goodbye to long-lasting outages that compromise reliability and cost millions in lost revenue and reputation damage.

Slimmed down Virtual Machines (VMs)

Rather than acting as a “lifted and shifted” digital twin of entire client systems, Fortress Failover contains only the precise critical applications the client needs to run during threat events. This way, even if primary systems are compromised by a cyber threat, that threat will not penetrate the client-controlled Failover system.

Backup and Recovery

Fortress Backup and Recovery is an enclave-based primary system recovery product. The Backup and Recovery enclave encrypts, scans for malware, and securely manages all backup and recovery operations for system backups, preserving full client control and flexible recovery.

Confidentiality-preserving malware scanning

Fortress Backup and Recovery scans snapshots as they come in, using YARA rules to detect any potential malware risk in incoming backups. The scanning engine runs entirely within the enclave, ensuring that the incoming data is never visible to any third party, including Fortress.

Real-time Audit Logging

Fortress logs all attempted interactions with the Backup and Recovery enclave, and transmits those logs and alerts directly to the client in real time (and plugs right into a client’s pre-existing SIEM or EDR/XDR platforms).

Automated Recovery Testing

Fortress Backup and Recovery uses Machine Learning (ML) heuristics to automatically check the reliability and integrity of backup snapshots, ensuring that they are operational before a recovery is actually needed.

Configurable Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and scheduling

Fortress’s management interface allows clients to granularly schedule how often they want to capture new RPOs for each different type of RPO, for any frequency, from months to minutes.

Widely Compatible and Generic

Fortress Backup and Recovery can support all types of backup data, ranging from file/folder level backups to drive and image level snapshots of client systems. Additionally, Fortress has built out several SCADA- and DCS-specific tools for structured historian and configuration data backup and recovery.

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