Revolutionizing Operational Continuity for Industrial Control Systems

Fortress drastically reduces both planned and unplanned downtime for critical industrial software


Industrial Control Systems are Critical but Prone to Downtime

Industrial Control Systems are mission critical—industrial operations cannot run without them. However, these systems are also highly susceptible to downtime and disruptions, leading to revenue loss or worse. Fortress is a unified, vendor-agnostic operational continuity platform for Industrial Control Systems.

Minimize costly planned downtime

Industrial Control Systems require patching and upgrades, during which industrial operations often need to be temporarily halted. Fortress allows operators to keeping control systems running, so that patching can be done on primary systems gracefully and efficiently—without shutting down the entire industrial process.

Reduce recovery times to seconds

Disaster recovery times for industrial systems are extremely long—on the order of days, weeks, or longer—leading to loss of revenue, regulatory scrutiny, and potentially even physical harm. Fortress facilitates near-immediate operational continuity post-disruption within seconds, enabling industrial sites to continue running without "flying blind."

Ensure Cyber Resilience

Traditional High Availability (HA) systems are designed to provide physical redundancy but not cyber resilience, since they are directly connected to and in communication with primary systems. Fortress provides full isolation and hardware-level guarantees of code integrity to ensure cyber resilience in the face of even the most sophisticated attackers.


Minimizing Industrial Operational Downtime

Fortress specializes in providing robust operational continuity for high-availability, high-criticality industrial systems where process integrity and security are non-negotiable.


Unified platform for comprehensive redundancy and availability

Fortress is purpose-built to provide robust, secure, and seamless operational continuity for Industrial Control Systems in all types of downtime and disaster scenarios.

Designed for industrial systems

While other platforms retrofit IT-focused solutions for OT/ICS needs, Fortress is engineered from the ground up to meet the unique architectural demands and networking constraints of the modern Industrial Control System.

Hardware-enabled security

Fortress is built atop Trusted Execution Environments—physically-isolated computing environments with zero third party access—in order to guarantee the integrity, confidentiality, and logical isolation of industrial operations.

Easy to configure and manage

The Fortress platform can be deployed to complex industrial environments in just a few hours, and provides a seamless user interface to manage cross-site control systems operations without additional engineering overhead.

Upgrade your critical infrastructure

Discover how Fortress can fortify your operations and ensure uninterrupted business continuity