Off-site backups
On-prem security

Cloud-based backup providers are sitting ducks for smart attackers. Don't trust them with your organization's most critical information.

Fortress backups are provably immutable, end-to-end encrypted and completely trustless. It's time to stop playing catch up.

How It Works

Fortress is a turnkey backup and recovery solution that leverages novel hardware called secure enclaves.

Secure enclaves guarantee at the hardware level that backups cannot be viewed, deleted, or tampered with by any third party—including Fortress.


Backups cannot be modified or deleted by any third party. Unlike traditional cloud-based systems, no one has access to your data at any point.


Fortress provides secure backups for organizations of all sizes, with transparent rates based on snapshot size and number of machines.


Fortress's platform is designed to be compliant by default with the highest data security standards, including NERC CIP and FedRAMP.

Easy To Use

Fortress is configurable within minutes and is compatible with all modern snapshot types, data formats, and operating systems.

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